Staying true to yourself

Today, Spring has sprung, a reminder of new beginnings. But when personal  goals aren’t achieved as quickly as you’d hoped, it can be difficult to start a creative venture, or to continue the one you’ve been working on. Apathy sets in. The project that seemed so exciting last month might languish in a drawer.

For those of us with day jobs, sometimes it feels easier to go along with the mundane routine than to break out of the box. Keep your head down, work hard and don’t risk being hurt. But is following this lifestyle staying true to yourself?

I’ve been asking myself this question as I gear up for the hectic summer months at work. With stress, the imaginative wheels in my brain start spinning as slowly as vintage watch parts. And while mechanical pocket watches might be the height of steampunk fashion, I want my ideas whirring past at the speed of light, begging me to chase them.

Beneath the weight of  household chores, bills and responsibilities, how can we stay true to ourselves when doubt about what we  should  be doing creeps in?

1. Value your choices  When you do, others will appreciate your confidence. Believe in yourself and own your actions.

2. Be willing to be different Not necessarily in a Lady Gaga, “Look at Me!” way, but in whatever way feels right to you. I’ve been catching some flak for not having planned my wedding yet. But you know what? I work at my own pace.

3. Know your wants They might be different than someone else’s wants, and require you to figure out what you value most.

4. Be on your own side Talk to yourself in the same way you’d comfort a best friend who’s feeling down. There might be times when it seems like no one else is in your corner. Be your own advocate.

It’s okay to take advice from friends and the people you trust, but remember that only you can live your life. Your decisions are yours alone. Don’t be afraid to continue working towards your big dream, even if everyone tells you it’s impossible.

In the words of my favorite DJ Kaskade (sung by Skylar Grey) “Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.”

You are responsible for that happiness. Not your spouse. Not your boss. You. And even though sometimes it’s hard as hell  to reach deep down to find it, it’s what makes life worth living. Nurture the things that matter to you. When you do, spots of joy will appear like cherry blossoms-little signs that the world is beautiful.